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Monday, May 20, 2013

Doc ~ All Done & Delivered

Back to blogging after a short spring nap (as opposed to a long winter's nap).  I continually find myself amazed with the happenings in my life . . . so many things unanticipated.  I guess that keeps life interesting, but reeks havoc with my project schedule & blogging.

Well Finally here it is . . . completed & delivered :  DOC Table Topper

On my March business trip (as opposed to my April celebrate my baby brother turning 50 trip) to Southern Cal, I delivered this (a December birthday present) to my sister.  The colors match her leather couch & compliment her kitchen colors. 

If feels sooo good to be able to boast about a completed project! 

Doc Table Topper: 
Pattern:  Doc, Miss Rosie's Schnibbles pattern
Fabric Line:  Late Bloomers by Sandy Gervais
Started in June 2012; completed in March 2013

I loved quilting it on my 1 year new sewing maching; it was fun testing out some of the many different pressure feet I've been accumulating.

Things to remember for next time:
Keep it simple - make a solid sash . . . it seems impossible at my current skill level to square up my quilts & keep those little outside squares uniform in size with the inside squares. Should have been a no brainer!

On my next post I'll share some of the other projects I'm working on - of course there is more than one in the works!

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