Quilting Nona

Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Craft

It was not my intention to find a new craft this summer. . . if that's what it could be called.  Maybe better put, a way to have some fun and feel closer to a loved one so far away.  It is a given that this mom of 2 sailors could not escape the big D. 

So how do you  pass the time and have some fun with a son who you miss terribly and can't call or visit for months and months?  THEMED CARE PACKAGES have become my new craft!  I suppose I could just throw some pre-processed, pre-packaged junk food items in a box along with the home town newspaper and call it good.  Yeah, Good and Boring!  So most of  my August has been occupied with thinking, planning, scheming, scouring web sites, and shopping.  I've been busy coming up with themes, designing the inside of FPO boxes and visiting the local stores for cheap, clever, and cute items to send half way around the world.

It took me two weeks and three trips to the post office counter before I could get the first package sent off, which he has yet to receive.  Package #2 was a little easier and arrived before package #1.

The fruits of my labor:

Box #1 - we are so 'blue' cuz we're missing you.

Box #2 - it sure must be getting hot there.
Each box contains a treat bag of chocolate kisses marked with the name of each loved one in our family.  Wonder how long it will take him to notice that?
Oh and on my sewing table:
1 baby quilt ~ mostly done
& something for the new little guy in my life ~ half way done . . .  more about those next time.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Toys

While the local Beverly's store is undergoing a 'make over', they are offering a sale on ALL their merchandise.   I was just going to dash in for  a couple of 1/2 yards of solid flannel for a baby quilt in progress (more on that another time) . . . .  the 'dash in' turned into a leisurely stroll.  Ultimately I succumbed -- that darn 25% off sale was just to much temptation for me to resist!  So I treated myself to a couple new toys:

I've been longing for a rotating cutting board since I started my English Paper Piecing Project.  I tried it out last night and it works great.  I can tell already it will be my 'go to' cutting board.  I've also had my eye on this rotary cutter for some time now. 
Well off to my sewing room to work on a special little project for the new sweet little boy in my life!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Doc ~ All Done & Delivered

Back to blogging after a short spring nap (as opposed to a long winter's nap).  I continually find myself amazed with the happenings in my life . . . so many things unanticipated.  I guess that keeps life interesting, but reeks havoc with my project schedule & blogging.

Well Finally here it is . . . completed & delivered :  DOC Table Topper

On my March business trip (as opposed to my April celebrate my baby brother turning 50 trip) to Southern Cal, I delivered this (a December birthday present) to my sister.  The colors match her leather couch & compliment her kitchen colors. 

If feels sooo good to be able to boast about a completed project! 

Doc Table Topper: 
Pattern:  Doc, Miss Rosie's Schnibbles pattern
Fabric Line:  Late Bloomers by Sandy Gervais
Started in June 2012; completed in March 2013

I loved quilting it on my 1 year new sewing maching; it was fun testing out some of the many different pressure feet I've been accumulating.

Things to remember for next time:
Keep it simple - make a solid sash . . . it seems impossible at my current skill level to square up my quilts & keep those little outside squares uniform in size with the inside squares. Should have been a no brainer!

On my next post I'll share some of the other projects I'm working on - of course there is more than one in the works!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine Distraction

"Doc" Project Update:  As usual,  I was overly optimistic on my anticipated progress so I don't have a picture to post yet.  The binding is 'mostly' finished and I am so pleased with the look. My quilt lable is designed thanks to a fairly new purchase:  A Bareroot's pattern called  "Quilt & Stitchery Labels"  that I picked up from last July's visit to the Fat Quarter Quilt Shop in Vista, California
One of the reasons that "Doc" isn't done is that I tend to get distracted very easily . . . I always have several projects in various stages  &  there are always new ones that are driven by the changing seasons, upcoming holidays or latest shopping trip.

My Valentine Distraction:

A little valentine bib for one of the special little men in my life.  I ran across this little Felties Valentine Kit at Beverly's.   Amazingly I had just the right fabric ~ some T-shirt ribbing, Babyville Boutique Polyurethane Laminated Fabric for most of the bib,  brown polk-a-dot cotton from the stash to add onto the bottom, plus a little vinyl crumb catcher.  Note to self: The pattern was a tad short (must be the t-shirt neck style), adjust the length of the  pattern.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Almost Done !

Sometime last year (I think it was June - it's all a blur now) I started a project for the Schnibble Parade using the pattern called 'Doc'.  I had the perfect fabric in my stash . . .  purchased  at last spring's Quilt Rush:  Late Bloomers by Sandy Gervais.   I luv luv luv the colors and prints of that fabric line.  It reminded me of the colors in my sister's newly remodeled kitchen.  So, of course, I had to make this project for her.  It was intended as a birthday present . . .  sadly the birthday has come and gone (Sorry Sis!) I told her it would be on its way soon.  I am so close to being done - should have it ready to ship by the begining of next week. 

I have to say I think this project  ranks right up their as one of my favorite quilting projects.  In fact I loved the fabric line so much that I just had to get my hands on some more for a future project ~ maybe just for me. 

Look what just arrived:
This picture certainly doesn't do  the fabric line justice but check back next week to see my completed project.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Life's Twists and Turns

Anyone who has been 'around the block' a few times knows well that life has many twists and turns.  Yet it still is kind of shocking when those twist and turns hit unexpectedly and pulls the rug right out from underneath you.  While 2012 offered many happy times, gifts and blessings, it also brought one of those life altering times too . . .  the death of a parent.  Most everyone experiences the loss of parents in their lifetime and no matter the family dynamics, the family history or the nature of the relationship, I believe that experience changes you in ways that you never realized until you have walked that path.
It is my belief that in all things we can find God's presence.  So in the midst of my sadness I can give thanks that even though it was difficult at the time, that my Dad's illness progressed so swiftly that he only survived little more than two weeks beyond the diagnosis.  I'm thankful for the three siblings I have and how we together are working to continue for the time being to keep the family business going and support each other in the difficult decisions that need to be made.  As sad as we are, this experience has bonded the four of us as we care for our Mom and support her in the changes life has in store for her.  That's a very long explanation for the absence from my blog but I've never been known for brevity of words. 
So here we are at the start of a New Year.  At a recent coffee date with a couple of my girlfriends, the topic of New Year Resolutions arose or rather the braking of those well intended resolutions.   According to the news there is a high rate of depression in people on the third Monday in January.  The reasons:  the weather, the credit card bills that have arrived from Christmas spending and by this time of the month many have failed to keep their New Year Resolutions. . . . My solution - don't make any New Year Resolutions till after that Monday.  Further I'm not even going to label them as resolutions rather I will refer to them as goals.  Somehow that seems more comfortable to me.
Goal # 1:  Blog about my current projects (be it quilting, needle work, knitting, or crocheting) on a more regularly --- maybe even weekly. 
Goal # 2:  Find a balance between new projects & UFO's (Is that what those things are called that are piling up?)
Goal # 3:  Challenge myself to try some new skill with each quilting project.
Goal # 4:  Look for the gifts, blessings and joys each day has to offer.
Goal # 5:  Remember to nurture and care for myself without feeling guilty.
It will be fun to revisit this post at the end of the year.