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Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Craft

It was not my intention to find a new craft this summer. . . if that's what it could be called.  Maybe better put, a way to have some fun and feel closer to a loved one so far away.  It is a given that this mom of 2 sailors could not escape the big D. 

So how do you  pass the time and have some fun with a son who you miss terribly and can't call or visit for months and months?  THEMED CARE PACKAGES have become my new craft!  I suppose I could just throw some pre-processed, pre-packaged junk food items in a box along with the home town newspaper and call it good.  Yeah, Good and Boring!  So most of  my August has been occupied with thinking, planning, scheming, scouring web sites, and shopping.  I've been busy coming up with themes, designing the inside of FPO boxes and visiting the local stores for cheap, clever, and cute items to send half way around the world.

It took me two weeks and three trips to the post office counter before I could get the first package sent off, which he has yet to receive.  Package #2 was a little easier and arrived before package #1.

The fruits of my labor:

Box #1 - we are so 'blue' cuz we're missing you.

Box #2 - it sure must be getting hot there.
Each box contains a treat bag of chocolate kisses marked with the name of each loved one in our family.  Wonder how long it will take him to notice that?
Oh and on my sewing table:
1 baby quilt ~ mostly done
& something for the new little guy in my life ~ half way done . . .  more about those next time.

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