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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Best of Mother's Day Gifts.

I celebrated Mother's Day last night with an impromptu get together with all my kids and grandkids! A gathering of that sort has become a rarity lately, so I always count it as a gift when we are able to get together and celebrate us. 

I just love the smiles on these faces!
And so begins the count down, again, until the next 'leave' or our next trip to the east coast.

And what better way for a girl to chase the blues away than a shopping trip.  From our return to the airport with two little ones in tow and a couple of bribes promises, we spent a fair amount of time in JoAnn's.  Then it was off to the pet store where we acquired a new frog named 'jumpie'.  The frog was a compromise because apparently our aquarium is to small to accommodate a 'sucker fish'.  All I wanted was a solution to all the green growing on the sides of our aquarium and I thought  a 'sucker fish' would be just the thing.  When I told the clerk at the pet store that, she suggested a green mossy type plant that she claimed would do the trick.   The last time I bought a live plant I ended up with a couple of very prolific snails!  Well, I could see disappointment written all over a certain four year old boy's face.  A green glob of moss that just sits at the bottom and does absolutely nothing isn't nearly as exciting as a 'sucker fish' . . . .  but a FROG is way more exciting than a 'sucker fish'.  Especially a frog that eats frozen blood worms every other day.   Did you know that you have to sign a paper when you buy a frog?   With two little ones taking off in opposite directions, I have no idea what I signed or why I needed to sign it.   Hmmmm.  Green being my least favorite color . . . I sure am hoping this pompom looking glob of moss does its magic.  If so, I'm going back to buy a truck load for our pool!

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  1. Oh goodness - a frog!! What an awesome Gramma! Can't wait to see your latest acquisitions ... of the fabric-y nature. I'm sure the boys will be much more interested in the latest pet. :)