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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kitchen Progress Update

Our  kitchen remodel has been an exercise in two steps forward and one step back.

First the insurance adjuster who was handling our claim up and quit, which meant our claim was delayed.  On our third adjuster the claim was finally processed and the check just arrived.  We were pleasantly surprised and now I feel just a little bit better about the decisions we are making, but the check was issued to us and our mortgage lender.  I guess that is standard procedure. ?  Tackling that will be Monday's project.
We have spent quite a bit of time over the last three weeks surfing the internet looking for appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, tile and wood corbels for the island.  Just a bit of trivia - one site offered over  6,000 + wall sconces . . . there are way too many choices out there!!!  I've also made more trips to Home Deport and Lowes than I care to count. When not on the computer or at HD or L, I've been packing up the kitchen ~  I am 3/4 of the way done.  One mound of 'up for grabs' on the dining room table, two boxes to give away and many more boxes of  treasures.

While I don't have much in the way of pictures to post yet, we are making steady progress and some of the purchases are starting to arrive.

The cook top was delivered - damaged.  The second one was delivered in perfect condition.  My super cool cook top vent arrived but I don't remember seeing the fan that goes with it. 

Some of the plumbing fixtures have arrived, but no sinks yet. 

My hubby has been working his tail off on his long weekends. The cabinet bases for the water damaged cabinets are made and installed and some of the old cabinets have been reinstalled.  He is rebuilding the cabinet that goes under the sink.  The new buffet cabinet is (supposedly) done and was to be delivered and installed yesterday.  It didn't come, no explanation.  (Sigh.) Hoping to see it by mid-week.  The vanity for the powder room was suppose to be here today . . . it didn't arrive.  Delivery has been delayed till the end of the month.

We found someone to stain the cabinets ~ third contact was a charm.  That was a biggie for my hubby.   AND they will paint the kitchen too! WOO WHOO! That is a biggie for me as there is still paint on the windows from the last time I painted the trim.  We actually have a scheduled date - the first part of November.  Today we  finally decided on stain colors for the cabinets . . . yes colors as in plural.  Because if there is a way to make things just a little more challenging . . . we will go that route.

The granite slabs have been delivered to the fabricator and I have samples of our slabs in my possession. 

We've found light fixtures ~ half are ordered and half we're thinking about . . . or one of us  thinks they are nice and the other one loves them!

What's left?:  Tile for the back splash and wall colors. 

Anticipated completion date ~ by Christmas.  I'm really excited  to see it all come together.  I think we are going to love it!

In celebration of all of our accomplishments I'm ditching the remodel scene  for the day and heading to the Pacific International Quilt Festival with Shelley.  It will be great to be around all that quilty stuff . . . I've been missing my sewing time. 

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  1. That's alright. I mean, it's always a trial and error process, right? That's how the best ideas surface, when they're put through the scrutiny of re-evaluation and multiple opinions, feedbacks and points of view. The lasting ones survive that, and the ones you will have to run with. Good luck on the rest of the remodeling! Wishing you all the best!

    Grady Schwartz @ iDesign