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Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's Never Just a Simple Little Renovation

I love doing DIY projects.  I joke with my hubby that I'm a cheap date . . . a mocha and  visit to Lowes or Home Depot makes me a happy woman.  So being married to a handyman is a good match!  With the discovery of Houzz and Pinterest, our Renovation Bucket List was created.  After some hemming and hawing and a waffling linoleum floor in the kitchen,  a decision was made.  Our next Renovation Project  is  to  replace the flooring of the middle level of our tri-level home with hard wood floors.  YES!!!!
"So what do you think of this kitchen?" I was asked as an ipad was thrust under my nose.   "Nice . . . but we need to get the floor done before I can think about that" I answer.  Not deterred by my answer,  my handyman continues perusing pictures of kitchens.  "What about this? We could do this?"  "Yeah, maybe some day" I answer. 
We got the delivery date for the hardwood flooring material.  Right after the Labor Day Weekend . . . perfect!  We'll demo the floor over the long weekend and be ready to lay flooring by the second week September. . . OR NOT.  That waffling linoleum . . . water damage from a slow leaking dishwasher (you'd think you'd notice water sitting on the floor if the dishwasher was leaking!)  So our simple little flooring project has turned into . . . Yup a kitchen renovation.  I know a couple of months from now I'll love my house even more than I do now!
Guess I'll just be sewing in the Aspen Glow Quilt Along  from Cora's Quilts at my own speed.  Sigh.

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