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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kitchen Progress Report

Now that the floor is dry and the insurance company paid us a visit, it's time to get moving on the kitchen.  Having a handyman husband is a blessing and a challenge to one who lacks the virtue of patience . . . particularly when the handyman is somewhat of a perfectionist.
The first step ~ opening up the wall behind the frig, removing the studs,
moving the water and electrical outlet.
(View looking up into the wall cavity above the top of the frig)
The purpose of this?  So that the frig will be tucked in 4 1/2 to 5 inches more.  It was really ok before but someone (who shall remain nameless) will be a lot happier now.
Notice that little dark spot on the floor? . . . Water dripping from the new water valve (sigh). . . and that's all I'm saying about this step.
As happens every year in September my hubby sticks his finger in his mouth, holds his wet finger in the air and tests which way the wind is blowing or in other words asks, "So what do you want for your birthday?"  He is a sweet, sweet man who always buys something to honor me on my birthday.  This year I answered, "Please, absolutely nothing!  We will be spending a bucket of money on the kitchen."  I went about my usual Tuesday routine of being gone for most of the day.  When I asked about dinner plans, he wasn't available; "Too much to do!" he said. When I walked through the door that night, he greets me with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
He made me a temporary sink area so that I didn't have to cart dirty dishes downstairs, thru the family room to the sink in the laundry room.  He overheard me saying I was kind of over the 'Little House on the Prairie' dish washing routine and never realized how much I could miss a garbage disposal.  What a thoughtful gift (I'm not being sarcastic)!  YUP . . . He's a keeper. 
Notice the dish pan under the sink? Storage? NOOOOO! The garbage disposal is now leaking.  REALLY?     (Big sigh) . . .  this water leaking thing is getting old!
One garbage disposal added to the shopping list.
Today:  Fabricator is scheduling delivery of the granite.
Tomorrow:  Drawings go to our cabinet man and I'll be shopping for sinks and cook tops. 
Friday: the cabinet finishing company is coming to give us a quote.
Making lemonade out of lemons: I keep reminding myself if it wasn't for an little itty bitty leak, I wouldn't be getting such an awesome kitchen upgrade.

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